Hi, I'm Simon!
I grew up watching Tex Avery cartoons and reading my dad's comic books, and while that did very little to help me develop many social skills or to attain the ideal beach-body, it has provided a solid foundation for developing a career in illustration, animation and design – as well as a natural reflex to flinch and hide any time someone yells "catch" and throws something to me.
At age nine, I founded the Robot Fan Club, drew some robots on sticker paper, and am currently still acting as its sole member. I have also received a prestigious education, graduating from the Mohawk College Integrated Animation program in 2014 and the OCAD University illustration program in 2018.
I also currently operate Today's Inspiration Press, a small-press publisher specializing in publishing illustration art from the mid-20th century. In 2015, we funded our first book, The Art of Will Davies, on Kickstarter and are continuing to produce art books about great Canadian illustrators. Our latest book, Ken Dallison – A Life in Illustration has been funded on Kickstarter and we are in the midst of wrapping up its production.

Thank you!
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